At the start of our capital campaign process, the capital campaign and church leaders all thought we were going to do a campaign to further God’s ministry at Westminster through enhancing our facility.  However, as we started to talk about the past, current and future ministries of Westminster, our current debt levels and overall cash positions, God led us in a different direction.  We realized we needed to build the foundation on rock to further our future.   

 The ministries at Westminster United Methodist Church bless and enliven our church and the community around us, but we can do so much more!   We believe this campaign will effectively broaden our ministries, discipleship, and ability to connect with those in our community who don’t have a church by reducing the debt and giving us financial stability.  Our current position hinders us from all that God is calling us to do.

We are asking every household to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment (over and above your ongoing tithes and offerings) to be given over the next three years.   Please review the enclosed materials which give the outline of our Making a Way for Ministry campaign.

Over the next few weeks we are excited to reflect and consider how WUMC has Made a Way for …., is Making a Way for…., and will Make a Way for….  Let’s create the foundation for the future of our church and community and help people find God at WUMC.

With thankfulness for you,