Making a Way for Ministry is a church-wide spiritual emphasis where we are asking each and every member to prayerfully consider and commit to the future ministries of our church, expanding our reach to help our community find God at WUMC.

This year $55,000 of our total budget is allocated to debt service and this amount will increase as interest rates rise and when a portion of our debt converts to principal and interest payments instead of interest only. By continuing to have debt, we are borrowing from our future. We also need to have a stronger cash position for seasonality and fully funding designated and restricted funds – build our foundation. Finally, WUMC has made an investment in an amazing staff that will continue to help us achieve God’s plan for WUMC.

As a result of this campaign, our church will be able to expand and maintain our ministries locally – especially those that need a place to find God. We will be able to expand our local outreach to the schools and neighborhoods surrounding our church.

Campaign Goal

Planning for the future requires wisdom, prudence and faith.

 The campaign leadership team has been seeking wisdom and praying earnestly to hear and discern God’s will in this campaign. We have three goals we want to reach over the three-year campaign. The first goal of $1,000,000 is His Victory. The second goal of raising that figure to $1,250,000 may take a little more of Our Faith. Then, through much prayer, sacrifice and with God’s guidance, a total amount of $1,500,000 is His Miracle! Just remember, our God is a big God, and His blessings are ours to claim through faith and belief!

In celebration of God leading us through this journey, our Church family will turn in commitment cards together on April 14th during our worship services. Then we will take the next step as we put our faith in action and watch God fulfill His vision for our church. On Sunday April 28th we will share the results of our efforts and give thanks to the Lord.